A Television Series on the Craft of Writing

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Show 108
Writing a Young Adult Novel: Jennifer Walkup
Writing Children's Dialogue: Lesa Cline-Ransome
Tips on Illustrating: Wendell Minor and James Ransome
Marketing Your Book: Sandra Smith of Smith Publicity
Show 107
Writing Great Characters: Cathy Tully
Revision Checklist: Jennifer M. Eaton
Writing Goals: Nisha Sharma

Show 106:

Writing Historical Fiction: Robin Levinson

Overcoming Writer's Block/Anxiety: Belinda Seiger

Book Cover Designs: Melissa Jacoby 


Show 105

E-Book Price War: Aram Sinnreich - aramsinnreich.typepad.com/

Mending a Broken Scene:  Roxanne St. Claire -  www.roxannestclaire.com/ 

Starting a Writing Group: Todd Greenwood - Princeton Public Library

Show 104:

New Jersey Authors' Network: Jon Gibbs

Writing Conflict for Romance: Susan Mallery 

Publishing Facts & Figures: Jessica Faust

Show 103 - Broadcast Airdate: November 27th


Writing a Memoir: Paula J. Newcomer http://paulajnewcomer.com/

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Worldbuilding: Mary Fan  http://www.maryfan.com/

Working with a Book Editors: Jane Fransson http://jffinc.com/

Show 102 - Broadcast Airdate: November 20th

-Outlining a Novel: Lauren Grodstein

-Writing Paranormal Characters: E. F. Watkins

-Working with a Literary Agent: Wendy Sherman

Show 101 - Broadcast Airdate: November 20th

-Editing an Anthology: Michele Tuck-Ponder
-NaNoWriMo: Richenda Gould & Bill Patterson
-Self-Publishing: S. A. Mulraney